lunes, 12 de junio de 2017


En mayo visitamos Ciudad Misioneras. Para muchos fue una oportunidad única de descubrir por fin lo que había en ese recinto tan grande a las afueras de La Bañeza.

Y, ya que una de las cosas que más llamó la atención de las misioneras es que están extendidas por todo el mundo, añadimos una reseña del museo de Don Ángel en el idioma más internacional.
Don Ángel Museum is probably the least known museum in La Bañeza. But maybe the most surprising. It is one of those museums where the visitor can find something that touches him or her… where everyone can discover something that he or she didn’t know.
Don Ángel was a priest, and a bishop later, who lived in La Bañeza mainly. There have been plenty of priests in La Bañeza, but only don Ángel came up with the idea of founding a secular institute of women that is spread now all over the world: Charity Apostolic Missionaries. They built the museum like a replica of the house in Bercianos de Vidriales, where don Ángel was born. Nothing special but it takes us to many of our grandparents’ houses in the villages: the courtyard, the well, the fireplace…
Once inside, we can follow don Ángel’s whole life, from baptismal certificate to his burial in St. Mary’s Church. And by the way, don Ángel is buried in that church, near the shrine, which is difficult to find in a recently repaired church.
Finally we can visit his desk, his small private chapel and even his bed upstairs.

The rest of the information can be also surprising:
Location: take N-VI road to Madrid until you see Sacred Heart of Jesus on the top of the slope.
Opening time: whatever you want. You simply have to make prior arrangements.
Entrance fee: free. And you will be gently guided around the exhibition by a Missionary.
Lift available.

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